Retriever Training


Basic Gun Dog

Our basic gun dog program takes your young pup and molds them into a hunting buddy.   When they complete this program, they are ready to go in the field and be an enjoyable addition to your hunt.  The basic gun dog program is a 4 month minimum. 

Intermediate Gun Dog

Your dog has been through the Basic Program, and you're ready to step up to the next level.  Once your dog has completed the Intermediate Program, they will now be ready to run multiple marks and run blind retrieves.  No more throwing shells at that duck that the dog didn't see fall!

Advanced Gun Dog

Now you're ready to step up to the Majors!  Your dog will learn concepts to help excel both hunting, as well as competing at high level hunt tests.  

Hunt Tests

We highly recommend all of our clients get involved in both AKC and HRC Hunt Tests.  They are a great way to enjoy your dog year-round as well as help hone their skills for duck season!  Feel free to talk with Kyle about any and all questions you might have regarding Tests!